Monday, March 24, 2008

Kim's location...

I am at 35th ave and Pinnacle Peak.

*I am Attachment Parenting and gentle discipline friendly.

*Cloth diapers are welcome (if you wash them, I'll fold them)

*I charge $125 per week, or $30 per day.

*Breakfast, lunch and two snacks provided and included in tuition.

*School year curriculum is included in tuition

If you would like to set up an interview, please call Kim at..


The Yard

The outside area is small, but there is enough room to run, yell and climb. Currently, the kid's favorite spot is on the long sidewalk next to my house. It seems to be the place where everything can be done. They play house, soccer, ride bikes....
We have a pet Rabbit and turtle that live in the playroom part time, and have an outside area also.

More stuff..

O.K, it's messy. But, these are taken with the kids here.



The babies.

Infants and young toddlers (15 months or so) will learn and have the needed stimulation by observing the older children. They will be a part of the older children's activities as well. They will be provided age appropriate activities and can play, roam, climb and venture safely.

They will be cuddled, coddled, and allowed to be part of the bigger picture in advance of their ages.

I wear the babies in baby carriers as much as I can (as much as my back allows). I have several different carriers, such as Mei Tais, wraps, and slings.

Interaction between all the ages benefits each child. All children get a chance to interact within the learning centers.


Discipline is solved with discussion, redirecting anger, etc, with a solution. I rarely use time out, and I never use corporal punishment. I prefer to remove a child from an activity, and send him or her to a new toy.

If a problem is out of hand, I will speak to Mom or Dad, but I try to deal with most issues here.

My childcare philosphy

My early childhood philosophy is based on the belief that all children share certain needs and have a drive to be self-confident, self-motivated individuals, seeking out an understanding of the world around them. It is our goal to provide a learning environment which will empower children and enhance self-esteem by creating an atmosphere where social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development can take place. This goal is met by providing a variety of activities and experiences which allow the child to be creative, to discover, and to solve problems.